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Innovation for a long time has been associated with developing a new product or coming up with new ways to deliver things. It was all good when R&D teams were entrusted to take care of innovation and it was not everyone’s job.

However, in today’s world of hyper connectivity, digitization and boundaryless thinking, the meaning of innovation has an expanded horizon both, as a strategic capability for all the functions of organisation and as a core competency for individuals to navigate the forces of disruption.

It is in this context, we strongly believe the ability of human mind to connect and blend ideas from diverse sources is a powerful way to foster impactful innovation.

This is the premise for what we call as ResonVate thinking – the ability to innovate by resonating with stories which from diverse sources which are distinct from one’s own domain.

ResonVate is backed with a growing collection of interesting stories and practical hacks, as we are convinced  that ‘thinking out of the box’  should be an art that can be practiced, rather than it being a  result of a ‘light bulb’ moment that strangely is supposed to happen when you have a shower 🙂

 Sounds interesting?

Next meet-up

Please come and join us as we are passionate to share our views and experience on ResonVate thinking.

Date: 15-Aug-18

Venue: RedHat, 3503/100 Miller St, North Sydney NSW 2060

Time: 05.30- 8.00 pm

(05.30 – 6 pm – Registration and networking)


Balaji OS
Balaji is a seasoned professional with 15+ years’ consulting and operations experience in business and IT domains. He is the Chief Innovation Scout and evangelist of ResonVate thinking. He has coached and trained individuals in design thinking tools. He has been publishing innovation newsletters for last 6 years and has avid interest in innovation methods and tools.

Nick Pile
Nick is an industry veteran with 30 + years’ experience in a career spanning consulting and industry leadership roles. Nick is the Chief Innovation Coach and is passionate in helping teams use ResonVate approach for innovation. Nick has advised several CxO level suite members in variety of topics including business strategy, operational excellence, and innovation and operating models.