ResonVate Thinking

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Some interesting videos to support ResonVate Thinking

1.Healthcare operations inspired by Toyota Production System

2.Kanban inspired by Retail supermarket

One of the core principles in the famous Toyota Production System(TPS) is Kanban.
Kanban :
– in Japanese means,’signboard
– it is a visual management system where the cards of different colours are used to trigger production of parts required based on the need and speed at which they are consumed in downtream proces
– is one of the key practices that popularised ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing

Interetingly,the approach was inspired by a management team’s visit to a Piggly Wiggly supermarket in the United States, where Engineer Taiichi Ohno observed that store shelves were stocked with just enough product to meet consumer demand and inventory would only be restocked when there was a visual signal — in this case, an empty space on the shelf.

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