More for the Less:M-Kopa and Indian Soccer League

Innovations has different dimensions; one such dimension is using the more to address the less. In this approach,resources/ solutions which are in abundance are used as a lever to find solutions for the areas where there is a huge shortage. Two such recent examples are M-Kopa and the Indian Soccer League.

M-Kopa is a great success story from Kenya where more than 100M-Kop,000 households which do not have access to power supply i.e which are basically off the grid can find their own means to power their homes.

It is a simple ‘pay-as-yo-go’ model which uses the solar energy  combined with the wi-fi enabled  power of mobile money payment method of M-Pesa widely adopted in Africa.

Indian Super League is a newly formed sports entity in India to promote soccer. In India a land of billion people crickISLet has always dominated as prime sport. Indian Cricketers are very well paid and feature among the richest  in the world. With an intent to promote soccer the think tank of ISL reached out to cricketers and few rich film stars to buy and develop their own football clubs. This turned out to be a master stroke  making ISL a big hit.

Both these are examples how having more of something (wifi and M-Pesa success and wealth and popularity of cricketers ) to innovate on something present in less.

Resonvate Thought:

Whether it is innovation out of necessity or leveraging the popularity of the existing sport there are different ways to  build success.


 M-Kopa, ISL

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