Boundaryless Thinking

ResonVate is an approach to effective ideation and problem solving using stories from different and dissimilar backgrounds.
The ability to resonate with stories which are unrelated  and from different sources, provides an effective approach to innovation.Today everything is happening so fast. The level of innovation and disruptions we see are enormous across different industries.
Organizations today have infinite source of global information at their fingertips to accelerate the way they can source ideas and convert them to meaningful innovations.
Though all this looks good, the pace of change and the competitive forces at play doesn’t allow the organizations to be complacent.There is a constant need to look for fresh ideas, newer perspectives and intelligent solutions.

So, how do you find them?

As Albert Einstein said, one cannot get different results by just doing the same things again and again in the same way. You need a different approach to find those fresh, new and intelligent solutions.

This is where Resonance comes to help you.

Resonance was founded with the premise that one can generate fresh ideas, build insights and craft innovative solutions by looking at stories from  distinct sources ; sources which are unrelated to the area of problem or opportunity in hand.

Let me give few examples.

  • the designs in the dresses we wear, many of them have been inspired by the patterns we see in nature – be it the clouds in the skies, flowers in gardens, sand dunes in deserts or the rivers flowing through mountains and rocks;
  • modern recliner chairs were built by adapting the principles in which the ‘boomerangs’ work
  • communication concepts like KAIROS seen in Greek history provide terrific insights to create and promote impactful advertisement campaigns
  • behavioural theory of social proof, is inspiring power and gas utility companies to make consumers think smarter about the energy consumption
  • industries are looking for example outside their own domain to learn better practices, the way Japanese Railways teach retailers about product placement and customer segmentation

In the examples stated, the stories have been inspired by nature, day to day practices, conceptual theory, history and a  business model . If you expand this thinking one can find such stories from any facet of life and make the connection.

This is what we call it ResonVate thinking.

Listen to short introduction on ResonVate Thinking

Publications that support ResonVate thinking
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Some interesting videos to support ResonVate Thinking

1.Healthcare operations inspired by Toyota Production System

2.Kanban inspired by Retail supermarket

One of the core principles in the famous Toyota Production System(TPS) is Kanban.
Kanban :
– in Japanese means,’signboard
– it is a visual management system where the cards of different colours are used to trigger production of parts required based on the need and speed at which they are consumed in downtream proces
– is one of the key practices that popularised ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing

Interestingly,the approach was inspired by a management team’s visit to a Piggly Wiggly supermarket in the United States, where Engineer Taiichi Ohno observed that store shelves were stocked with just enough product to meet consumer demand and inventory would only be restocked when there was a visual signal — in this case, an empty space on the shelf.

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