Sweden’s ‘Vision Zero’ initiative

Road fatalities is one of the top 10 reasons for deaths globally.Though every country is keen to improve road safety, Sweden is recognized to be a leader in this space.

What did Sweden do differently ?

Sweden launched a ambitious program called ‘Vision Zero’ with an aim make Sweden free of road fatalities.
Though the steps taken were simple, the outcomes they have been realize is phenomenal.The road fatalities dropped drastically irrespective of the significant growth in mobile population.

Sweden Vision

This story proves that innovative solutions need not always be high-tech,highly creative and new; simple steps with great commitment can make a huge difference.

Look at the video to learn more.

In this case, the outcome can’t get any better than saving a precious ‘human life’.

Resonvate Thought

Can the approach and solutions used in Vision Zero initiative used for other serious issues like suicide prevention,infant mortality and other complex mental problems which are all avoidable at the first place ?